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"—Depends on wha’ y’wanna use ‘em fer."

What do you mean? It’s still gold, right?

daveonsonoferos said ""You make me feel short. You're like a sexy giant ""




Like a sexy giant?

"But , okay, to me you count as a demigod buddy." He punched him on the shoulder jokingly. He grinned.

Needless to say the punch surprised him, mostly because when the trickster-to-be saw a fist coming at him they were going much faster than Dave’s rather limp collision. “Uh… Thanks? …I never caught your name.


"So you stole it?" he asked, rather casual as he looked back up at him from his tingeling hand. he hoped it would stop soon and not spread. Perhaps he had to go see Asclepius later and hope he didn’t pass out or grow a third leg or something on the way.


Relocating it." He seemed adamant on correcting the use of the term. Sure, it didn’t match the god’s pantheon and therefore the chance of intervention was low, but there were books upon books illustrating how the Egyptians and Greeks intermingled. It was almost as bad as the Romans…



"I’d like to think of myself as a good mother, but I can’t claim that title since I didn’t exactly do anything good.." 

Not without doing anything you are, but there’s always time to fix that.

snakeeyesrobin said "-sticks tongue out-"



- wriggles his piercing -

-Lips press into a thin, hard line as she makes a zipping motion with her fingers. She quickly stuff the tacos into a bag, handed them to him and went off upstairs. She didn’t much want to deal with it either.-

- he took the bag and left, guilty at her reaction, but ultimately refusing the blame; couldn’t she see the exhaustion in his face? the shame? there wasn’t an easy way to explain to her that it was his ‘rape baby’ -


She had never been a lady that men picked her things from the floor if she dropped them -neither she would allow them, she saw warriors asking too much for such favour-. So, how she was supposed to know that he would do such thing? That added to her clumsiness could only end up like this. 

The hit made her wince and even see red behind her eyelids. 

Well, he had a thick skull. 


Sigyn complained in silence, touching her forehead. 

And then he saw her. He knew instantly by the way she held herself that she was the one he’d headbutted. Dwayne took this opportunity to pick up the book while she was still wincing, “Is this yours?

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victorybringer said "Little thing"

For once Dwayne was actually being quiet and staying in one place, focused on drawing a picture of two rabbits, one digging its long jagged buck teeth into the stomach of another rabbit.. who’d apparently just eaten spaghetti and meatballs.

Then his body stopped, his hand tightening so hard on the red crayon that it snaps in half. His lids flutter ever so slightly as he stares blankly at the page, his arm slowly sliding under the weight of his leaning. He cut a deep red line through both rabbits before jerking upright.

Dwayne stared up at the lady watching him and quickly looked down at his picture only to startle in surprise,

      “D’fuck? —What the hell is your problem?? You ruined it!

daveonsonoferos said "Little thing"

    “I don’t get why everyone says not to touch the stove.
     I tried it once, ‘cause Cam’ron triple dog dared me to,
     but nothing happened!

bastcatgoddess said "Little thing"

The child stared at the dark-skinned goddess for a long time before he gained the courage to approach, quickly spouting off his questions as if he was at a lack for time.

      “Why do you girls always wait outside on the street?
       Who’s that picking you up?
       Why do you always come back really soon after?
       Don’t you go anywhere else?

kaisethelo said "Little Thing"

Dwayne didn’t notice the woman approach, too busy fumbling with a folded over shirt full of items: a pile of used tampons. He had one in hand, trying to light the cotton string on fire with a box of matches.

     ”Are these from Acme? Fuck!

adollarworthadime said ""Little thing.""

He sat crumpled on the bench outside the principal’s office, arms crossed tightly over the bloody stains on his slightly off-white baseball uniform. His nose was twisted in a quickly purpling obscene way, dried blood covering his face. But the real unnerving sight was the way he stared at the empty wall with such a burning hatred.

      “Talk shit, get hit." He muttered.

That did not do well to shed light on who had pulled the first punch…

artful-deception said ""little thing""

       “Don’t get mad at me! Listen…"
He took a deep breath, as if he was about to explain to the angry woman the true meaning of life:

      ”It’s okay for me to make jokes about
        Lazy-Eye Johnny and Baldy Brandon…
        because they make me uncomfortable
        —and I don’t want to be near them.

The kid shrugged, rolling his eyes at her reaction.
      “Maaaaaaaaaybethatmakesmeabad person,
       but that also makes me an HONEST person,
       and I’m telling you… That shit is scary looking!

artful-deception said "★★★ [greeeeeeeeeeedy]"

  1. Dwayne’s always had neurological or mental problems at every stage of his life. Even as a child, and until puberty, he suffered silently through 30 absence seizures a day, without anyone noticing.
  2. Dwayne was in Little League as a kid, all the boys in his trailer park was paid for by the Scandinavian-with-Neo-Nazi-undertones motorcycle club that protected the area. Because of his issues with “daydreaming” he was often an outfielder.
  3. Dwayne had a weird obsession with playing cops & robbers, especially when someone was able to get one of the toy sets from the dollar store, the ones with the shitty little metal handcuffs that never worked with the keys. He collected them, but he wasn’t sure why until shortly after he turned 12.
Anonymous said "Do you have anything about writing kids? preferably around 3-4 years old."


Here are some helpful links for writing children characters.

"Writing Child Characters" by The Writers Helpers

"On Writing Child Characters for Adults" by Gary Murning

"Five Hints for Writing Child Characters" by Fuel Your Writing

"Writing Children: The Do’s and Not-to-Do’s" by the Inkpen Authoress

"Writing Children" by Writers Dock

"Children are Better Seen and Heard" by Writer Unboxed

"Child Characters in Adult Books" by Mad Genius Club

Keep in mind every child is different depending on their age, background and personality.